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Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Unlock new capabilities in Jira, Confluence & other tools with custom Atlassian apps by GLiNTECH.

Better Blogs for Confluence

Make sure colleagues never miss out on the latest information.

Available for:

Breadcrumb for Confluence

Navigate your page tree from anywhere on a page

Available for:

Compact Cards for JIRA

Maximise your screen real-estate in Jira Software

Available for:

Custom Buttons for Confluence

A simple button solution that allows you to put a call action on your page

Available for:

Instant Websites for Confluence

Publish to a fast, mobile-responsive and public website

Available for:

Redaction, Protect High Security Content

Censor paragraphs of text, individual words, figures and table cells

Available for:

Terms and Conditions for Confluence

Request your Confluence users to accept Terms and Conditions before they enter your site.

Available for:

Announcement Banner for FishEye

Notify your users of important news and updates

Available for: