Terms and Conditions for Confluence

Terms and Conditions for Confluence

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Cloud & Server/DC versions of Confluence

GLiNTECH’s Terms and Conditions for Confluence app requests Atlassian Confluence users to accept an organisation's specific Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), Acceptable Use Policy or other similar content.

When this plugin is active, users must accept the specified Terms and Conditions if they wish to access your Confluence pages.

Each user is only required to accept the Terms and Conditions once. i.e. when a user accepts the T&Cs, they won't be prompted by the acceptance message again. Administrators can view a list of users who have accepted, including date and time.

Administrators can reset access and request all users to re-accept. For example, if an organisation's Terms and Conditions are changed/updated, all users can be requested to agree to new T&Cs.

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