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GLiNTECH is Australia’s first, authorised Google Cloud Platform Training Partner. Our expert services and training team are here to help your organisation master the skills and knowledge you need to fully leverage the power and efficiency of Google’s Cloud platform!

The Google Cloud Platform

Google’s Cloud Platform is a suite of powerful cloud computing tools packaged as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering and combining:

  • Computing and hosting services

  • Storage services (Block, SQL and NoSQL)

  • Container orchestration tools (Kubernetes)

  • Machine learning

  • Networking services

  • Big data services

The Platform empowers your organisation in the building of dynamic and scalable apps in the cloud, hugely simplifying development environment and scalability, allowing you to put all your time and focus into product development rather than operations and administration.

GLiNTECH Google Cloud Platform Training

As the first authorised Google Cloud Platform Training Partner in Australia, our certified experts are here to help your team leverage the power of the Platform.
Our services team can help you get started, design and establish the appropriate structure within Google Cloud Platform which includes:


Our training, which can be one-to-one, or group training sessions and workshops, will give you the in-house skill set and knowledge to take full advantage of the power of Google Cloud Platforms. We offer a world class training service either tailored specifically to your company’s needs or as Google-developed courses, classes, and modules that fit the training you are looking for. We are here to provide the guidance and education your organisation needs to harness the transformational power of the Google Cloud Platform.

If you need to prepare your developers for the Google Cloud Platform Qualification exams, we are here to coach developers of all skill sets through the preparation process. Whatever your Google Cloud Platform implementation needs, GLiNTECH’s certified team of consultants and trainers are there to help you decide the best implementation solution to meet your organisation’s requirements in the most financially and time efficient manner.

Get in touch to supercharge your organisation’s skill set and embark upon your transformational Google Cloud Platform journey!