A new HipChat Standup bot using Automation for JIRA

We had a problem Being (primarily) a professional services company, we have a lot of our staff out on customer sites working to help them get the most from their Atlassian tools. Whilst we track our engagements in ou

Atlassian support for end of life policy

Atlassian does not provide support for products that are on versions considered End of Life. The good news is, GLiNTECH is aware of the upcoming end of life dates and can help upgrade your software to the newest version - ensuring

Atlassian’s New HipChat Data Center

Atlassian has recently announced the official launch of its new HipChat Data Center edition, previously available to only beta users. Designed to bring large, growing teams in enterprise businesses the reliabili

Atlassian Cloud Pricing Changes

Here’s a look at what the pricing changes mean for users Atlassian Cloud is an essential entry point for Atlassian solutions. This popular collaboration software has, until now, had rather broad pricing ti

Boost your productivity with three new Confluence add-ons

It’s only natural that GLiNTECH would seek out the best add-ons to help its large-scale clients make better use of Atlassian’s powerful collaboration software. Three new Atlassian add-ons for our Confluence clients That day is here.

Discover rapid returns with DevOps in your business

Bridging the gap between product development and operations in the form of DevOps is heralding a new era in quality control and business agility Welcome to the new world of DevOps. For technical people running the wor

Integrating Puppet Enterprise and Bitbucket Server

If you’re rolling out Puppet Enterprise in your organisation, you’ll quickly learn that it’s part of an ecosystem and you’ll need to setup some critical integrations with other services around your organisation. Usually th

How to Tackle Quality and Agile at Scale

In past blogs we looked at testing tools for Atlassian like Xray and Zephyr. Our team at GLiNTECH also like QASymphony’s tool and invited the company to write about its benefits so that you are aware of them as an option as well. Here i

Atlassian Security Update

Security Update from Atlassian Atlassian has launched an update to three of its products in order to combat what it describes as ‘critically severe’ vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities affect Atlassian’s JIRA, Confluence and Bitbuc

State of DevOps Report 2016 Review

State of DevOps Report 2016: All the News from the Most Comprehensive DevOps Report Yet Released For five years running, the State of DevOps team has taken the pulse of the business software development industry, fee

6 Best Practices for JIRA and Confluence Integration

If you are using JIRA or Confluence alone, then there is so much you are missing out on. JIRA and Confluence fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, giving users and managers a pair of interconnected platforms to plan, e

JIRA Service Desk 3.2 and JIRA Software 7.2 Updates

Atlassian Release JIRA Service Desk 3.2: Here’s What Lies in Store Eager JIRA users are being treated to not one but two exciting updates from the Atlassian development team this week. Both JIRA Service desk an

GLiNTECH Announces Google Cloud Platform Training

Computer programmers and designers, cloud platform enthusiasts, engineers and techies alike are looking forward to discovering the significant potential of Google Cloud Platform's products and services this year. If a hands-

Use Let's Encrypt with HipChat Server

It is best practice to use SSL and HTTPS to secure communications between your users and your website and avoid the potential security risk that unencrypted traffic poses. HipChat Server ships with a "self-signed" certificate, requ

Portfolio for JIRA frequently asked questions

GLiNTECH and Atlassian were at the Project Management Institute's 2016 conference in Adelaide, speaking with professionals from all areas. The theme was Adapt. Change. Disrupt, with a real emphasis on how large company's approach

Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 new release is announced

For those who have tried Portfolio for JIRA 1.0 or considering a project or portfolio planning feature to JIRA Software, then this will be useful for you. According to internal Atlassian sources, Portfolio 2.0 will be officially

Top 5 Confluence Best Practices for On-boarding Users

Confluence is able to handle multiple users and administrator accounts across a range of different spaces. However, to get the very best out of the software, you need to be able to onboard users and administrators quickly

4 Skills Front End Developers Often Fail At

I have come to the realisation that senior front-end developer is a 'hard to hire' role. Here is the problem; the barrier to entry is low, anyone can get started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with little to no traini

Improving Customer Success with Documentation

Product documenation forms an integral part of the customer experience. Providing the best possible experience for customers means they get their questions answered fast. Raising a support request is probably their least desirable option. It’s no surprise

How Redaction Secures Confluence Content

Redaction is the best approach to sharing private content securely. First off, it’s good to note that Confluence has three levels of security built-in. Global permissions determine who can access Confluence. Space

Atlassian Summit 2015: Key Points From The Event

GLiNTECH’s top takeaways from the Software, IT and Business Teams keynotes at Atlassian Summit 2015. HipChat Connect will enhance HipChat (As the Summit updates were broadcasted directly from San Francisco via HipChat). Hipcha

Sydney Atlassian User Group - Rebooted

_Atlassian User Groups, 10 SeptemberSydney Atlassian User Group - Rebooted It's been a while since the last official Sydney Atlassian User Groups (AUG) we're really excited to see them making a come back on the 10th of September. For those unfamiliar wi

Protecting IT Credentials with Redaction for Confluence

Many companies create and update their IT documentation on Confluence. One of the challenges is storing and sharing passwords in a secure manner. Imagine a situation where you have several support staff that need access to IT system information and one or

Confluence Updated To Version 5.8

Atlassian announced version 5.8 of Confluence back in early June of this year. In the previous version (5.7), Altassian implemented a new file management experience, which supported the upload, comment, edit, and resolve stages of the collaboration cycle.

Join us at Atlassian RoadTrip 2015

Atlassian is running RoadTrip 2015 on March 26th and this year it's coming to Melbourne. This year's RoadTrip will be focusing on how great teamwork gets more done - and that doesn't just mean IT or development teams. It's abo

Atlassian Enterprise Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, GLiNTECH hosted our first event for the year; an Atlassian Enterprise Workshop. This workshop was organised on the back of the huge interest and success of last November’s Atlassian Enterprise Bre

Display SLA in Days in JIRA Service Desk

On a recent project, one of our developers came across the need to change the display of SLAs in JIRA Service Desk (JSD) from the hh:mm (hour) format to displaying days. Why, you might ask, would a user want this type of display? For most users, hours ar

GLiNTECH is World's Fastest Growing Expert

The GLiNTECH team is very proud to announce that we’re the recipient of Atlassian’s Fastest Growing (Non Platinum) Expert award for 2014. In winning the award, we topped over 350 other Atlassian Experts fr

Atlassian User Group: August 2014

After a break of six months due to an overlap with May’s major Road Trip event, the Atlassian User Group (AUG) returned to Sydney last week. And it returned with a bang as the biggest turnout yet - more than 130 people - came to mingle with fellow

GLiNTECH goes Platinum

The team at GLiNTECH received some fantastic news recently when we were awarded the status of Atlassian Platinum Expert. This isn’t something that happens everyday, or to just any business; the global membership accreditation

Getting More From Your Confluence Investment

Back in May, Darryl Duke - founder of the award-winning US software developer and Atlassian Expert, Brikit - came to the GLiNTECH office in Sydney and hosted a webinar called Transforming Confluence which discussed how busines

Transforming Confluence Webinar

On Friday 9th May 2014, we’re pleased to be able to provide a unique opportunity to users of Atlassian’s Confluence. Darryl Duke is the founder of the award-winning US software developer and Atlassian Expert, Brikit

Easter treats: Buns, Beers & BDD

With the nature of our business meaning we’ve always got consultants out and about working at client sites, it’s not every day that we have the whole GLiNTECH team under one roof. But as often as possible, we pull everyone togeth

Atlassian Road Trip 2014 (Git on board!)

The next few months are shaping up to be very busy for the GLiNTECH team, particularly so for our Atlassian specialists with two big events approaching. First up, we’re the exclusive partner for the Getting Git

Meeting Room Calendar release v1.0.4

Our developers have once again added new features to our Meeting Room Calendar app. This is the app that provides a quick - and obvious - visual reference as to whether a meeting room has been booked (you can read more about how the app works Meeting Room

WebSphere Application Server plugin for Bamboo

We’ve just added another plugin to the Atlassian Marketplace and it’s one that should please fans of Continuous Integration. This latest plugin lets Bamboo users manage web application deploym

Scaling Scrum Meetup

On the back of some great Scrum and agile events in Sydney this year (think along the lines of Scrum Australia and Agile Australia) we wanted to do our bit to keep the conversation going. So we got involved with a Sydney Scrum User Group

Meeting Room Calendar release v1.0.3

Prompted by a request, we’ve just released a new version of the Meeting Room Calendar app we made publicly available last month. We received some feedback (anonymous, unfortunately) advising that the attendees list on the app wasn’t displaying correctly.

Meeting Room Calendar app now available

Back in February, our developers created an app that helped sort out a bit of confusion with booking our meeting rooms. Basically, it linked a Google calendar and displayed it on a tablet stuck on the wall outside the meeting room so that passers by could

Anatomy of a Wallboard

If you’re aiming to be agile, at some point you’ll probably end up using some kind of a wallboard. What’s a wallboard? The most simple way to describe it is probably as a visual way of displaying how tasks are progressing: To do, In Progress, Done. They’r

Confluence: Terms & Conditions plugin v1.0.4

Earlier this year we published a brief post announcing that our Terms and Conditions for Confluence for Confluence was available. Having got some feedback from users since and worked off those suggestions, we’ve just released version 1.0.4 to the Atlassia

JIRA: not just for developers

Meet the GLiNTECH team. Well, some of them... Our team is into software development. That being the case, it makes sense that our developers should use a tool like Atlassian’s JIRA for issue and project tracking; “

Scrum Australia 2013 event review

Scrum Australia 2013 was held in Sydney recently and was the first conference of its kind to be held Down Under. GLiNTECH is proud to have been a sponsor of this event, but much more than that we were happy to attend as a supporter and spe

Scrum Australia 2013 Photos

Scrum Australia 2013 was held in Sydney recently and was the first conference of its kind to be held Down Under. Below you can view GLiNTECH's photos from the event, or read a review here

GeoNext Conference review

The GeoNext conference was held in Sydney recently for the Geo Community as an event focusing on location-based technology and businesses. At GLiNTECH we’d been playing in this space a bit - most recently with our BLiPS app demo - so were interested in so

IBM Worklight - extension of Apache Cordova

Our R&D developers have been playing with IBM Worklight quite a lot recently and think it’s pretty fantastic, so we wanted to share a few of its features. Just quickly though; what is Worklight? In a nutshell, Worklight helps you build cross-platform mobi

Link a tablet to your meeting room calendar

The main meeting room at GLiNTECH is often in high demand. It gets used by a lot of different people, for a lot of different purposes; meetings, interviews, training, development games, watching a bit of sport on the projector, beer tastings, etc. Like mo

Custom Translation - IBM WCM

Exporting and importing content for translation in multilingual websites using IBM WCM Building multilingual websites in IBM WCM where the content in translated from the base site involves the exporting of content (typically English) and importing the tra

IT leadership and customer satisfaction

n GLiNTECH's recent Future of Software Development in Australia survey for 2012/13, we asked 'the following question: 'What do you think IT leaders could do better to support customer satisfaction?’. What follows is some general analysis of the responses

Offshoring IT: Good, bad or unavoidable?

In GLiNTECH's recent Future of Software Development in Australia survey for 2012/13, we asked 'the following question: 'What are your views on the offshoring of Software Development to other countries?’. What follows is some general analysis of the respon

Large scale agile - does it work?

In GLiNTECH's recent Future of Software Development in Australia survey for 2012/13, we asked the following question: 'What limitations do you see in Agile becoming the development methodology of choice for large scale software projects?'. What follows is

Custom Spring MVC - multilingual IBM WCM

A typical website implemented through IBM WCM may have multiple HTML forms for allowing users to contact the site administrators for various purposes, such as contacting the company or sending other custom requests such as feedback and complaints. The sam

The next big thing in development?

In GLiNTECH's recent Future of Software Development in Australia survey for 2012/13, we asked 'the following question: What do you believe is the 'next big thing' in Software Development?'. What follows is some general analysis of the responses to that qu

Confluence SMTPs

At time of writing, Confluence (4.3) doesn’t easily support sending email via SMTPs, which makes using it with Google Apps a bit difficult. At GLiNTECH we worked around the issue using stunnel

GLiNTECH and Atlassian: an eventful week

In recognition of our focus on enterprise software services, GLiNTECH have been awarded the status of an Atlassian Enterprise Expert. That makes us one of only a handful in the Asia-Pacific region to hold such a badge. We’ve been working with Atlassian si

Find A Clinic: a GLiNTECH mobile app

The 'Find A Clinic' application has been designed to assist people in finding their nearest health clinic, anywhere, any time. Purpose Using location-based technology, the 'Find A Clinic' application is an instant directory which an individual can access

Dev Tools We Love

Every few months our consultants and developers are asked to complete a short survey about the main software development tools they’re using. It’s that information which gets used to update the Dev Tools We Love page on the GLiNTECH website. While that’s

Mobile BPM: 5 ways to unleash potential

When GLiNTECH first demonstrated our Mobile Mortgage Application earlier this year, it showed in a very clear and tangible manner how Mobile BPM can bring about significant improvements in automated processes. With that in mind, here are five key things w

Consulting Anti Patterns

IT consulting is a game of delicate balance. Of course you need the right technical skills, but in a competitive environment it’s not good enough to bank on those skills alone to get you through. Consultants deal with people, as well as technology. So, fr

The GLiNTECH Graduate Program

One of our internal aims as a company is to have a minimum of 10% of our staff as graduates. It’s something we’re really proud of and we always look forward to our annual intake. We started the Graduate Program in 2003 and have so far helped around thirty

4 Business Models for Enterprise Mobile Apps

At the beginning of September 2012, GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, presented at the IBM Business Agility in Action series of events across Australia. The events were designed to demonstrate how businesses could fu

If you're not agile, you're not mobile

Recently at Innovate in Sydney, one of the most fascinating presentations in the mobile sphere was Best practices for delivering mobile applications to market faster

BLiPS: a GLiNTECH Indoor Positioning System

Have you ever been in a shopping centre and wondered what level you’re on or how to find the shop you need to go to? How about going into an open-plan office and wandering around looking for an elusive meeting room? While there are a lot of map applicatio

How mobility strengthens comraderie

Mobility at work is changing the way we operate. So what are the best ways to stay mobile and how do you keep track of the work as it gets done? The biggest contributor to the current cultural change within modern business is mobile technology. How we wor

BPM Caches and Tables: Add new table record

This is a follow-up to a previous post about editing data for BPM Caches and Tables. Viewing and editing records of any kind is a common requirement for online user interfaces. What follows is a very efficient way of enabling/disabling the creation and de

BPM Caches and Tables: Display and edit data

Assume you have a scenario where you need to display and edit the information for multiple people. The following benefit is out of the box functionality for managing records. For this specific example, we have a “Vendor Contract Generation” and a list of

Agile visionaries vs agile pragmatists

Three weeks ago I attended the Agile Australia 2012 conference in Melbourne. Now in its fourth year and with more than 850 attendees (more than double the number from year one), I was expecting to hear a series of talks aimed at seasoned agile professiona

IBM PureSystems launch - vendor update

Integrated stacks are starting to trickle into the market. Though still very much at the early adopter stage, it is worth knowing a little about them so we can determine how they may change the way development teams work. With this in mind, I attended the

The next generation of Australian IT - Pt 1

In March 2012 we published this blog post about offshoring and whether or not it was truly Agile. Based on one of the comments made in that post, “what has changed in recent times is that core system functions and bespoke development are being sent to int

JIRA: Adding Custom Logic to Custom Fields

Recently there was a requirement in JIRA that a custom field needed to be read-only. This custom field also needed fill based on previous selections which were on the issue edit view. JIRA can be customised by adding Java script and HTML to descriptions o

Quick Quote: iPad app with BPM integration

Instantaneous responses have become an expectation nowadays. With that in mind, we investigated how to improve the ease-of-use and lengthy processing time of document-driven tasks. What we came up with was a workflow that produced a web enabled mobile sol

Producing PDFs using Adobe tools in IBM BPM

Producing PDFs on the fly using Adobe tools for form design and Java integration in IBM BPM to produce the final populated PDF Why? There is a common requirement to produce PDF forms pre-filled with data for a customer to print and sign, etc. Why the tech

Top tips for software developers

Large Enterprise clients seldom look at technical prowess alone when making the decision to work with GLiNTECH. Of course this is important - essential in fact - but it is not the only factor in making the decision. There are a multitude of other things t

Offshoring IT: Can it be agile?

There is no doubt that the term ‘offshoring’ is a polarising one. From one perspective it means cost saving and efficiency, from another it simply means job losses. Whatever your own opinion, there is no doubt that it is an ever-increasing trend as more b

iPads, Banking, Stats and Demos

At a recent event, we exhibited our iPad app for mortgage application capture, calculation and work-flow. Staying true to one of GLiNTECH’s main values of making technical solutions demonstrable, we found a way of turning the traditional and cumbersome mo


Join GLiNTECH's Managing Director, Dimitri Spryidopoulos, in Las Vegas, NV, USA for IMPACT 2011. It's the IBM WebSphere Conference of the year and it will be taking place between April 10th and 15th, 2011.

1 week to go to Collaboration Nation!!

Join GLiNTECH when we attend Collaboration Nation on Friday November 12th to learn how social transformation and online collaboration is changing the way we work and the way we engage with our customers. Don't Miss out - register today or call us at GLiNT

2 weeks to go to Collaboration Nation!!

Join GLiNTECH when we attend Collaboration Nation on Friday November 12th to learn how social transformation and online collaboration is changing the way we work and the way we engage with our customers. Don't Miss out - register today or call us at GLiNT

Portal Express 6.1.5 - Win32

Here's a quick walk through for the installation of Portal Express 6.1.5 on Windows Server 2003 (x86) Required Files To install Portal Express 6.1.5 on Win32 you will need to have the following files from IBM: CZ8G8ML CZ8H2ML C1HA1ML CZ8I8ML CZ819ML CZEA3

Lotus Symphony Version 3 is Now Available

Version 3 of IBM's Lotus Symphony office suite has been released. From the Symphony news page: After many months of extended testing in beta and great feedback from our community of users we are pleased to officially release Lotus Symphony Version 3. This

GLiNTECH welcomes 2010 IT graduates

GLiNTECH is committed to training young Australians and as such have expanded our graduate intake to twice a year. Our Next intake will be in March 2011 so if you're a graduate and interested in working with us, please forward your resume to careers@glint